Q. What should I do if I lost a book that I borrowed from the library?

I borrowed a book from Swirbul, but I cannot find it anywhere. I think it may be lost. What should I do?

Any library material that is lost must be reported immediately. Any library material not returned within a semester after the due date will be declared lost. The borrower will be responsible for the cost of its replacement. The total charge to the borrower is the cost of the item, a $15 processing fee, and the $100 maximum overdue charges. For more information, see the applicable student loan rules (above). Contact userservices@adelphi.edu for assistance.

If an item is found and returned after payment has been made, then an adjusted refund is given if a replacement has not been ordered. The adjusted refund is the price of the book plus the processing fee.

NOTE: Failure to return library materials or to clear outstanding fines may result in the holding up of official transcripts or diplomas or the revoking of library privileges. 

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