Q. I cannot access a database, journal, book, or other electronic resource

There are many possible reasons why one cannot access an electronic resource, even when logged in. The following are some troubleshooting tips. If you still cannot get access, contact the Help Desk (516 877-3340 | helpdesk@adelphi.edu). 

Cannot Log In

  • When asked to enter your Adelphi credentials, make sure you type your username and password correctly. 
  • Make sure the caps-lock key is not enabled.
  • If you have a pop-up blocker/ad blocker, try turning it off.
  • If you are using a computer with anti-virus software, try adding "adelphi.idm.oclc.org" to the anti-virus software’s whitelist.

Logged in But Access Denied

  • Make sure you are logged into the Library by going to OneSearch and clicking "Sign In" in the top banner. 
  • Access may vary depending on your type of account. For example, Alumni have access to fewer resources than current students and faculty. If you have more than one Adelphi account, try using a different one.
  • Your account may be blocked due to unpaid fines or other issues. Contact the Library for assistance.
  • Some databases have a limit on the number of users that can use it simultaneously. Contact the Library for assistance.

Proxy Access Fails

Adelphi Libraries make use of a service called EZProxy to allow access to a wide array of third-party sites such as Ebook Central, EBSCOHost, JSTOR, and others. 

  • If you are off campus, make sure you are accessing the resource through our proxy service. The URL should begin with "adelphi.idm.oclc.org" or similar, and be followed by other information. Note that this does not apply when accessing resources while in Swirbul Library or elsewhere on campus in Garden City. 
  • Some older links may use an out-of-date proxy URL prefix. If the URL begins with "libproxy.adelphi.edu" then it is incorrect. Please report the problem to the Help Desk. You can attempt to fix an old proxy URL by following the instructions here.

Able to Access an Item but Cannot Load or Read it Properly

  • Sometimes a browser may interfere with access. If your browser is out of date try updating it or using a more up-to-date browser.
  • Browsers may have old session data that is interfering. Try clearing your browser's cache. See instructions for clearing the cache in ChromeFirefox, and Safari.
  • If you have graduated, you are considered an alum and may not have access to all Library resources. Check the list of Alumni Databases.

OneSearch Says the Item is Available Online but the Publisher Site Says Otherwise

  • OneSearch uses many data sources to determine whether Adelphi has access to articles, books, and other materials. Sometimes the data is incorrect or the system is incorrectly configured. If you find an article or other item incorrectly labeled available in OneSearch, please report it using the "Report a Problem" link on every item record in OneSearch (or by going here).